Essential Accessories for Every LEGO City

To build a LEGO City, you need a lot of LEGO. But there are some non-LEGO items that I’ve found quite useful when it comes to creating, and maintaining, a LEGO layout. Read on to find out more about the accessories I couldn’t be without.

Double-Sided Tape

This likely isn’t as useful for others as it is for me, but because of my custom roads, I need double-sided tape to stick my pavements down. However, it’s also useful for keeping your baseplates in place so they don’t shift around. If using the tape for pavements, make sure it’s no wider than 45mm, as this is the standard width of a 6-stud wide pavement.

Fishing Line

I always get asked “how does your plane hang from the ceiling?” and this is the answer. A couple of raw plugs in the ceiling with strong fishing line tied to them makes a sturdy base for you to hang your planes, helicopters, spaceships etc. This one by Matt Hayes holds up to 8 pounds of weight! The great thing about using fishing line is that you can barely see it, so it really does look like your ships are flying!

Makeup Brushes

Everyone has their favourite way of dusting their LEGO (compressed air cans, feather dusters, paintbrushes) but my favourite is by using makeup brushes. They’re very similar to paintbrushes, allowing you to get in all the little gaps and between every stud, but they’re far softer and more flexible than paintbrushes, so they’re much more effective. The bristles are also finer than paintbrush bristles, so you can fit in smaller spaces.

UV Window Film

It’s a well-known fact that LEGO bricks can discolour over time (especially white and grey colours), and this is largely due to UV light from the sun. One of the first things I did when I set up my LEGO City was to put UV film on the window to block most of the UV light and prevent discolouration. I got the film from at just £10.30 for a 1m x 1m roll. It’s completely clear, so you can’t even tell it’s on the window, and blocks 99.5% of UV light.

Which accessories could you not be without? Let us know in the comments!

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