LEGO® sets are great, but sometimes you might want to purchase some extra pieces to create your own models (MOCs). There a plenty of options when it comes to buying individual LEGO parts for your next project, which we’ve listed below.

In-Store Pick A Brick

If you’re lucky enough to live near an official LEGO store, you’ll be able to browse their selection of loose bricks on the Pick A Brick wall.

The Pick A Brick wall is where you can buy loose bricks by the cupful. These are usually the most popular, standard LEGO bricks, and are switched up regularly so it’s always worth checking what’s there every time you go – it will always be different.

Click here to find your nearest LEGO store.

Online Pick A Brick

Pick A Brick is also available online from the LEGO website, with a huge selection of popular, classic bricks available to purchase in any quantities you need (up to 999 pieces per brick!). Pick A Brick parts tend to be standard parts that customers ask for most often.

According to LEGO’s website, Pick A Brick orders take 9-10 days to ship.

You can buy from LEGO’s Pick A Brick on their website.

Online Bricks & Pieces

A lesser-known alternative to Pick A Brick is LEGO’s own Bricks & Pieces service. Here you will usually find a larger selection of parts, and more unusual ones too. Again, you can order parts in any quantities you need, but only up to 200 parts per brick.

According to LEGO’s website, Bricks & Pieces orders take 7-10 days to ship.

You can place Bricks & Pieces orders on the LEGO website.


BrickLink is the leading marketplace for genuine LEGO products and allows people from all over the World to buy and sell LEGO parts. At the time of writing this article, BrickLink has over 10,000 sellers in 70 countries! One of the great things about BrickLink is that you can create a wanted list of all the parts you need, and find a seller with those parts available.

BrickLink also created their own digital LEGO building software called Studio, where you can design your own Lego creations and upload the parts list to a BrickLink wanted list for easy purchasing.

With BrickLink you can not only buy individual LEGO bricks, but also buy LEGO sets (even discontinued ones), stickers, instruction manuals and boxes.

Head on over to to browse the marketplace.

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