Inside Harry’s Toy Chest – Cornwall’s Best LEGO Shop

Living in Cornwall, there aren’t many places to buy LEGO. Aside from the big brand high street stores and supermarkets (which have limited options and charge full RRP), there are very few independent retailers selling it, and the nearest official LEGO store is in Bristol (2-3 hours away)!

When Harry’s Toy Chest opened in Truro’s Victoria Square in December 2019, the South West was blessed with a unique toy store specialising in the buying and selling of used LEGO bricks and sets. The opening day was so popular that people queued down the street, and Harry, the shop’s owner, had to enforce a strict one-out, one-in policy.

From the outside, LEGO lovers are drawn in straight away with the minifigure signage and ‘build yer own minifigure’ window display. Star Wars fans will also love the life-size Stormtrooper outfit on show.

But, it’s the inside which capture’s any LEGO fan’s heart. As well as plenty of other toy brands and collectibles including Pokemon cards and Funko Pops, the newly-opened LEGO room is the stuff dreams are made of.

It’s a whole floor filled to the brim with shelves upon shelves of LEGO sets and loose bricks in amazing condition. Among the collection you will find discontinued and much sought after Star Wars sets, including the Death Star, as well as hundreds of minifigures from all themes. Amongst the more recent sets like City, Harry Potter, and Creator Expert, LEGO fans may find the odd vintage set or two.

There is even a Pick N Mix stand where you can fill a cup with loose bricks of your choice, and a build your own minifigure section so that you can build the perfect character.

Unfortunately, Harry’s Toy Chest had to close for much of 2020 due to Government restrictions, and is currently closed once again due to the latest Lockdown. You can still head over to to order online for delivery, or keep up-to-date with the store on Instagram @harrystoychest.

(PS. NOT a paid or endorsed article, we just really like Harry’s store)

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