DIY Road Markings

Already got a grey surface for your city and just need the white road markings on top? Create your own affordable roads directly onto your table or worktop with our vinyl road markings. They’re a little trickier to apply than our ready-made roads, but they’re great value for money!


Stick your custom road marking stickers directly onto the surface of your table/worktop where your LEGO layout sits. Remember that this surface will be the colour of your road, so we recommend painting it with Dulux Monument Grey (which is very close to LEGO Dark Grey). If you can't paint the surface, we suggest covering it with dark grey vinyl.

Without studs to stick your pavements to, we recommend using double-sided tape (no wider than 45mm) to stick your paving tiles and accessories onto the side of the roads.

You can find detailed instructions and a helpful video here:

Design Request

Have a great idea for a road design? Let us know and if we decide to add it to our shop, we’ll send you one for free!

Delivery Info

🇬🇧 UK 3-Day Delivery £3.49
🇪🇺 Europe 3-5 Day Delivery £5.29
🌎 Worldwide 6-7 Day Delivery £5.99