The Advantages of Using Custom Roads

Designing my own custom roads to use in my LEGO City has been a godsend, and my Instagram followers seem to agree. It’s saved me a ton of money that I would’ve spent on official road plates, and allowed me to completely customise my City to create things that just aren’t possible with road plates, such as car parks, narrow roads, loading bays and bus stops. I’ve listed the advantages of using custom roads below.

Endless customisation opportunities

Because you aren’t restricted to just 4 road designs (straight, curved, t-junction and crossroad), the possibilities for what you can achieve are endless. One-way systems, cycle lanes, car parks, bus stops and loading bays are just some of the things you can do with custom roads.

We even offer a design service if you need something completely bespoke.

More flexibility with your layout

Official LEGO road plates are all 32 x 32 studs, so it’s tricky fitting buildings into your layout if they’re odd sizes (eg. Assembly Square is 32 x 48). Some people have even had to cut road plates in half to fit in with their City! With custom roads, you can design your road layout to fit your buildings (instead of the other way around). Narrow 16-stud wide roads are a great space-saving option, and you can also get straight pieces of road in 16 x 32 to help fit around your buildings and structures.

They're a lot more affordable

Official LEGO road plates are incredibly expensive, at £10 for a set of 2. Maybe this wouldn’t be quite so bad if you could at least buy them individually, or have 2 of the same type in a pack. Unfortunately, you can only buy a straight and t-junction piece in a set, or a curved and crossroad piece.

To buy enough road plates for my LEGO City would’ve cost me well in excess of £300.

CharBricks custom road stickers are just £2 each and you can buy them individually, so you only have to buy what you need.

They fit in with official LEGO roads

You can combine CharBricks custom roads with official LEGO road plates and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. There will be a slight difference in height due to the thickness of the LEGO road plates.

Some of our stickers are even designed to stick onto official LEGO road plates.

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